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We are pleased to announce that the church is open for Mass. Please see guidelines below.

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Please join our daily 3pm prayers for those affected by Covid19 and the eradication of the virus, saying the following prayers –  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father,  Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us, St Patrick, pray for us.


Gospel Reflections Download newsletter   [Matthew 14:13-21]

Every mother knows the disaster-situation of the family day out when the shops turn out to be closed and the emergency supplies have been left at home. This lot have been following Jesus three days on the trot, and there must have been nothing left at all to eat. Jesus turns the disaster into a party for that huge crowd of people. Left to our own resources we are helpless, but Jesus can deal with that. How many were there? We don’t know, for the numbers are symbolic. In the Bible ‘twelve’ alerts us to the tribes of Israel. So the twelve baskets of scraps show that the crowd is the twelve tribes of Jesus’ new Israel. The way Jesus takes the bread and says the blessing must remind any Christian of the Eucharist. So this gigantic field-party was a sort of Eucharist, Jesus at the centre of his people, entertaining them and cheering them. It probably wasn’t very orderly. There would have been children enjoying the food and then running around and tripping up themselves and others. An African Mass is often like that, with lots of singing and dancing and celebration. That is why the Sunday Mass is so important: meet your friends and celebrate Christ together!
What does this Gospel teach us about the Eucharist?  ?

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