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Gospel Reflections Download newsletter   [Luke 13:22-30]

The Gospel reading makes a point which is directly opposite to one found in the first reading. There the inhabitants of distant lands will come to draw salvation from Jerusalem. This is repeated in the Gospel, but the daunting corollary is also given to those nearer home and who are expecting to find their way into the heavenly city easily: don’t sit back in complacent contentment that you have been called, or you may find the door slammed in your face. Matthew 7:21-23 has the same warning: it is not enough to keep calling out, ‘Lord, Lord!’ without actually doing the will of the Father. There is also the similar, more developed teaching in the parable of the wedding attendants – five who are wise with oil in their lamps, and five who are unprepared for the wedding feast. They too vainly cry, ‘Lord, Lord!’ from outside the door. Today’s Gospel almost forms the centre-piece of the instructions to the disciples as they make their way with Jesus up to Jerusalem and to his Passion and Death. There is no cheap way to salvation: each disciple must take up the cross behind Jesus and follow to the end of the road. This teaching is the more striking in Luke, who stresses that both Jews and Gentiles will take part in the festival. Are we complacent? How do we best journey on the road of salvation?

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