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  1. Fatima 100th Anniversary (1917-2017)For the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, Pope Francis has decided to grant a plenary indulgence opportunity throughout the entire anniversary year, which began 27th November 2016, and will end 26th November 2017.
    To obtain the plenary indulgence, the faithful must fulfil ordinary conditions: go to Confession, receive Holy Communion, be detached from sin (even venial), pray for the intentions of the Holy Father (Our Father and Hail Mary would suffice); and complete prescribed indulgenced work, as stated in official document of the Shire of Fatima.
    National tour (around England and Wales Cathedrals) of a pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the relics of two of the visionaries (Saint Francisco and Jacinta) may be good opportunity to obtain plenary indulgence. More details on following website.

  2. Gospel Reflections (Matthew 22:15-21) They must really have thought they had their victim sewn up! If Jesus said he paid the Roman taxes, he recognised the Emperor, not God, as his Lord. If he said he didn’t pay, he was a traitor to Rome. Jesus turns the question back on them. First he makes them admit that they themselves recognise Rome as overlord by carrying a Roman coin, for the coin would carry the Emperor’s head. Next he puts them a question: what do they consider is due to Caesar? Finally he goes beyond their question, to interrogate their ultimate loyalty: in the last analysis, just what is due to God? At a superficial level this seems a little verbal tussle, in which Jesus outwits his opponents. But the story was remembered and passed on in the Christian community not because of Jesus’ cleverness, but because at a deeper level it is a question which Jesus puts to each of us: just where do our loyalties and priorities lie? Money? Respect? Sex? Fame? A good holiday? Comfort? Power? Jesus is not a dictator who imposes his will. He just asks the question and leaves us to give our own answer. To those who question him he gives no easy response, but always replies with another question. What takes priority in my life? Does God get a look-in? In what way?

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