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Requiem Mass for  the late Duke of Edinburgh

Archbishop John will celebrate a Requiem Mass for the late Duke of Edinburgh on Saturday 17th April at 11 am from St George’s Cathedral.  A limited number of seats will be available in the Cathedral, in accordance with COVID guidelines.  The service will also be livestreamed, please click here – https://youtu.be/h-ltNt5TS0E


Covid Restrictions – The gradual relaxing of restrictions does not apply to places of worship. To remain open, we must comply with 2-metre distancing, masks, hand sanitising and ventilation. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please find  Southwark Parishes Live Mass Streaming here.

Please find Mass Sheet for 11 April 2021 here. 


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The Legion of Mary Daily Prayers

Please join our daily 3pm prayers for those affected by Covid-19 and the eradication of the virus, saying the following prayers –  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father,  Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us, St Patrick, pray for us.


Gospel Reflections Download newsletter   [John 20: 19-31]

Two aspects of this meeting of the disciples with Jesus are especially striking. This is the last scene of the gospel of John, for chapter 21 is an appendix added later. At the end of this gospel, before the concluding reflection, Thomas gives the only direct acclamation in the New Testament of Jesus as God. Nowhere else is Jesus directly hailed as ‘God’, though there are other ways in which readers come to recognise Jesus as God. So, in a way, this acclamation of the Risen Christ is the climax of the New Testament. Secondly, it is striking that Jesus’ final blessing is of peace and forgiveness. The mission of all Christians is to bring peace and forgiveness to a troubled world. Throughout the Bible God is a God of forgiveness. The Old Testament consists of a series of covenants of forgiveness, each in turn broken by God’s chosen people: the covenant with Noah after the Flood, the covenant with Abraham, the covenant with Moses after the worship of the Golden Calf, finally the new covenant promised by Jeremiah when unfaithful Israel is exiled to Babylon. Christianity is not for the perfect but for sinners. Forgiven sinners must bring forgiveness to all those around them.
How can you bring Jesus’ blessing of peace and forgiveness to the world around you?


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