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First Holy Communion is one of the seven Sacraments. We have classes that run from January to May every year.

In our parish, we have embarked on a process for preparing children for the sacraments called ‘Growing in Faith Together’. In this process, you are encouraged to become the teacher of your child, with our support. This is a memorable time in your child’s life – and the memories you create during this preparation period will be cherished for a long time.

We recognise the diversity in the make-up of family life. The important thing for us is that you know that we welcome you and that we will give you all the resources and support you need to prepare your child for this special time in their life


Notices for First Holy Communion class (2020) 

We are happy to welcome you and your children back after a difficult period of lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, resulting in the suspension of Masses, Parish activities and Sacramental preparations. As we ease back with great caution to some normality, we have carefully planned the resumption of preparations for First Confession and First Holy Communion in adherence to guidelines from the Diocese and the government.

Following the guidelines, we are splitting the class into two groups. We have scheduled the two groups of children to make their First Holy Communion over two Saturdays in a row. We will be sending an email out in the coming weeks. 
The parish office is closed indefinitely and will not be able to receive calls or visitors. Your first point of contact for queries will be the catechists; please do not approach Father Mario as he may be unable to answer your query or pass your message to us.


Notices for First Holy Communion class (2021) 

We will be having First Holy Communion classes for 2021. The enrolment date will be some time in January 2021. Dates are still to be decided.

In the current situation, we will have to limit the number of participants in a class for 2021. 

If you do have a child that you would like to join in the 2021 Sacramental preparations for First Confession and First Holy Communion, then please register your interest by emailing us as soon as possible –
 Your child must be in Year 3 or above this school year and is a baptised Catholic to be eligible for the sacramental preparations.


Please bear with us during this challenging time and keep checking this page for any changes and updates.

Stay safe
Janet, Maria, Celia and Ronie
If you have any questions feel free to contact us on the OLHC First Holy Communion email at